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(New 2019) Astra 28E channels & frequencies list

List of Astra 28E satellite channels & frequency

Astra 28E channels & frequencies list

Here is a free list of all Astra 2E TV Channels frequency, Watch your channel on Astra 2E satellite by updating your STB reciever with the following parameters

Astra 2E satellite list channels & frequencies

28.2°EAMC from BT HDnar11385 V
28.2°EAlibieng12129 V
28.2°EAlibi HDnar12090 V
28.2°EAnimal Planeteng12382 H
28.2°EBBC Albagla10803 H
28.2°EBBC Foureng10773 H
28.2°EBBC Fournar10773 H
28.2°EBBC Newseng10818 V
28.2°EBBC One Cambridgeeng10773 H
28.2°EBBC One Channel Islandseng10773 H
28.2°EBBC One Easteng10788 V
28.2°EBBC One East Midlandseng10788 V
28.2°EBBC One HDnar10847 V
28.2°EBBC One Londonnar10773 H
28.2°EBBC One North East and Cumbriaeng10803 H
28.2°EBBC One North Ireland HDeng10847 V
28.2°EBBC One North Westeng10803 H
28.2°EBBC One Northern Irelandeng10818 V
28.2°EBBC One Oxfordeng10818 V
28.2°EBBC One Scotlandeng10803 H
28.2°EBBC One Southeng10818 V
28.2°EBBC One South Easteng10803 H
28.2°EBBC One South Westeng10818 V
28.2°EBBC One Waleseng10788 V
28.2°EBBC One Westeng10773 H
28.2°EBBC One West Midlandseng10788 V
28.2°EBBC One Yorkshire & Lincolnshireeng10788 V
28.2°EBBC One Yorkshire & North Midlandseng10803 H
28.2°EBBC Parliamenteng10788 V
28.2°EBBC Red Button 110773 H
28.2°EBBC Two Englandnar10773 H
28.2°EBBC Two HDnar10847 V
28.2°EBBC Two Northern Irelandeng10818 V
28.2°EBBC Two Scotlandeng10803 H
28.2°EBBC Two Waleseng10788 V
28.2°EBT Sport Box Office HDeng11385 H
28.2°EBT Sport / ESPN HDeng11385 H
28.2°EBT Sport 1 HDnar11385 H
28.2°EBT Sport 1 HDnar11385 V
28.2°EBT Sport 2 HDnar11385 H
28.2°EBT Sport 2 HDnar11385 H
28.2°EBT Sport 2 HDnar11385 H
28.2°EBT Sport 3 HDnar11385 H
28.2°EBT Sport 3 HDnar11385 V
28.2°EBabestationeng11426 V
28.2°EBaby TVeng11914 H
28.2°ECBBCnar10818 V
28.2°ECBBCnar10818 V
28.2°ECBBC HDnar10847 V
28.2°ECBeebiesnar10773 H
28.2°ECITV U.K.nar10758 V
28.2°ECartoonitoeng12110 H
28.2°EChallengenar11836 H
28.2°EChallenge +1nar11836 H
28.2°EChallenge Irelandnar11934 V
28.2°EChannel 4 Londonnar10714 H
28.2°EChannel 4 London +1nar10729 V
28.2°EChannel 4 Midlandseng10714 H
28.2°EChannel 4 Midlands +1eng10729 V
28.2°EChannel 4 Northeng10714 H
28.2°EChannel 4 North +1eng10729 V
28.2°EChannel 4 Northern Irelandeng10714 H
28.2°EChannel 4 Northern Ireland +1eng10729 V
28.2°EChannel 4 Scotlandeng10714 H
28.2°EChannel 4 Scotland +1eng10729 V
28.2°EChannel 4 South & Easteng10714 H
28.2°EChannel 4 South & East +1eng10729 V
28.2°EChelsea TV HDeng12266 H
28.2°EComedy Central HD UKnar12090 V
28.2°EComedy Central UKnar12110 H
28.2°ECraft Extraeng11426 V
28.2°ECrime & Investigation +1eng11836 H
28.2°ECrime & Investigation HDeng12246 V
28.2°EDaveeng12129 V
28.2°EDave HDnar11739 V
28.2°EDiscovery Channeleng12382 H
28.2°EDiscovery Channel +1eng12382 H
28.2°EDiscovery Channel Irelandeng12382 H
28.2°EDiscovery HD UKnar12344 H
28.2°EDiscovery Historyeng12382 H
28.2°EDiscovery Home & Healtheng12382 H
28.2°EDiscovery Scienceeng12382 H
28.2°EDiscovery Turbo UKeng12382 H
28.2°EDisney Channel +1eng11914 H
28.2°EDisney Channel U.K.nar11914 H
28.2°EDisney Junior UKeng11914 H
28.2°EDisney Junior +1 UKnar11914 H
28.2°EDisney XD HDnar12090 V
28.2°EDisney XD UKnar11914 H
28.2°EDisney XD +1 UKnar11914 H
28.2°EDramaeng12129 V
28.2°EDramaeng12129 V
28.2°EE4 +1nar10729 V
28.2°EE! HDeng11739 V
28.2°EE4 HDnar11856 V
28.2°EE4 UKnar10714 H
28.2°EE4 UKnar10729 V
28.2°EEdeneng12129 V
28.2°EEurosport 1 HDeng11856 V
28.2°EEurosport 2 HDeng11856 V
28.2°EFilm4nar10729 V
28.2°EFilm4nar10714 H
28.2°EFilm4 +1nar10714 H
28.2°EFilm4 HDnar11856 V
28.2°EFood Networkeng11426 V
28.2°EFood Network +1eng11426 V
28.2°EForces TVeng11836 H
28.2°EFox HD U.K.nar12344 H
28.2°EFox U.K.nar12110 H
28.2°EFrance 24 HD (in English)eng11426 V
28.2°EFrance 24 (in English)eng11426 V
28.2°EFreeSportseng11426 V
28.2°EGOLDeng12129 V
28.2°EGems.tveng11426 V
28.2°EGinx eSports TVeng11934 V
28.2°EGold HDnar12090 V
28.2°EGood Foodeng12129 V
28.2°EHigh Street TVnar10729 V
28.2°EHistoryeng12246 V
28.2°EHomeeng12129 V
28.2°EITV 2nar10758 V
28.2°EITV 3nar10906 V
28.2°EITV 4nar10758 V
28.2°EITV 2 +1nar10891 H
28.2°EITV 3 +1nar10906 V
28.2°EITV 4 +1nar10758 V
28.2°EITV 1 Anglia Eastnar10758 V
28.2°EITV 1 Anglia East +1eng10758 V
28.2°EITV Benar10758 V
28.2°EITV Be +1nar10891 H
28.2°EITV 1 Bordernar10891 H
28.2°EITV 1 Central Westnar10758 V
28.2°EITV 1 Central West +1eng10891 H
28.2°EITV Channel TVnar10906 V
28.2°EITV Encorenar10891 H
28.2°EITV Encore +1nar10906 V
28.2°EITV 1 Granadanar10758 V
28.2°EITV 1 Granada +1eng10906 V
28.2°EITV 1 Londonnar10758 V
28.2°EITV 1 London +1nar10891 H
28.2°EITV 1 Meridian Eastnar10891 H
28.2°EITV 1 Meridian East +1eng10758 V
28.2°EITV 1 Meridian TV Southnar10891 H
28.2°EITV 1 Tyne Tees TV Northnar10891 H
28.2°EITV 1 Westcountry South +1eng10891 H
28.2°EITV 1 Westcountry South Westnar10906 V
28.2°EITV 1 Yorkshire Westnar10891 H
28.2°EInvestigation Discovery Europeeng12382 H
28.2°ELifetime +1eng12110 H
28.2°ELifetime HDeng12266 H
28.2°ELiverpool FC TVeng11836 H
28.2°ELiverpool FC TV HDeng11739 V
28.2°EMTV Baseeng11895 V
28.2°EMTV Classiceng11895 V
28.2°EMTV Danceeng11895 V
28.2°EMTV HD UKnar12090 V
28.2°EMTV Hitseng11895 V
28.2°EMTV Music +1eng11895 V
28.2°EMTV Music UKeng11895 V
28.2°EMTV OMGeng11895 V
28.2°EMTV One +1eng11895 V
28.2°EMTV One Irelandeng11895 V
28.2°EMTV One U.K.eng11895 V
28.2°EMTV Rockseng11895 V
28.2°EMore 4nar10729 V
28.2°EMore 4 +1nar10714 H
28.2°EMore 4 HDnar12266 H
28.2°E4Musicnar10714 H
28.2°ENatGeo Wild HDeng12246 V
28.2°ENational Geographic HD UKnar12090 V
28.2°ENick Juniornar12110 H
28.2°ENick Toonsnar11914 H
28.2°ENickelodeon HDnar12090 V
28.2°EOireachtas TVeng11836 H
28.2°EPBS Americaeng11426 V
28.2°EPick TVnar11914 H
28.2°EQVC U.K.eng11954 H
28.2°EQuestnar12382 H
28.2°EQuest +1nar12382 H
28.2°EQuest Rednar12382 H
28.2°EQuest Red +1nar12382 H
28.2°ERTE Jreng11836 H
28.2°ERTE News Noweng11836 H
28.2°ERTE Oneiri11836 H
28.2°ERTE One +1nar11836 H
28.2°ERTE One HDgle12246 V
28.2°ERTE Twonar11836 H
28.2°ERTE Two HDgle12246 V
28.2°EReallyeng12129 V
28.2°EReallyeng12129 V
28.2°ESTV Central Easteng10906 V
28.2°ESTV Central Westnar10906 V
28.2°ESTV Northeng10906 V
28.2°ESky Actionnar11934 V
28.2°ESky Action HDnar12246 V
28.2°ESky Arts 1eng12110 H
28.2°ESky Arts 1 HDnar12344 H
28.2°ESky Atlantic +1eng11914 H
28.2°ESky Atlantic HDnar12344 H
28.2°ESky Atlantic VIP HDnar11739 V
28.2°ESky Classicsnar11934 V
28.2°ESky Classics HDnar12012 V
28.2°ESky Comedynar11934 V
28.2°ESky Disneynar11934 V
28.2°ESky Dramanar11934 V
28.2°ESky Familynar11934 V
28.2°ESky Family HDnar12012 V
28.2°ESky Hits HD U.K.nar12344 H
28.2°ESky Hits U.K.nar12110 H
28.2°ESky Insider HDnar11758 H
28.2°ESky Introeng12324 V
28.2°ESky Introeng11934 V
28.2°ESky Intro HDeng12324 V
28.2°ESky Livingnar12110 H
28.2°ESky Living +1nar12110 H
28.2°ESky Living HDnar12344 H
28.2°ESky Movies Premiernar11934 V
28.2°ESky Movies Premier +1nar11934 V
28.2°ESky Movies Premiere HDnar12012 V
28.2°ESky News Arabiaara11914 H
28.2°ESky News HDeng12344 H
28.2°ESky News HDeng12363 V
28.2°ESky Onenar12110 H
28.2°ESky One +1eng12110 H
28.2°ESky One HDeng12012 V
28.2°ESky One HDnar12344 H
28.2°ESky Real Lives +1nar11836 H
28.2°ESky SciFi / Horrornar11934 V
28.2°ESky Sports Actionnar12110 H
28.2°ESky Sports Action HDnar12363 V
28.2°ESky Sports Arenanar12110 H
28.2°ESky Sports Arenanar11914 H
28.2°ESky Sports Arena HDnar11856 V
28.2°ESky Sports Box Office HDnar12344 H
28.2°ESky Sports Cricket HDnar12363 V
28.2°ESky Sports F1eng12110 H
28.2°ESky Sports F1 HDnar12363 V
28.2°ESky Sports Football HDeng12266 H
28.2°ESky Sports Golfnar11914 H
28.2°ESky Sports Main Events HDnar12266 H
28.2°ESky Sports Main Events HDnar11856 V
28.2°ESky Sports Mix HDnar12363 V
28.2°ESky Sports News HDeng12266 H
28.2°ESky Sports News HDeng12363 V
28.2°ESky Sports Premier Leaguenar11914 H
28.2°ESky Sports Premier League HDnar12266 H
28.2°ESky Superheronar11934 V
28.2°ESky Thrillernar11934 V
28.2°ESky Thriller HDnar12012 V
28.2°ESky Twonar11914 H
28.2°ESky Ultra HDeng11758 H
28.2°ESony TV HDeng12246 V
28.2°EStar Gold HDhin11758 H
28.2°EStar Plus HDeng12246 V
28.2°ESyFy HD UKeng11739 V
28.2°ETG4eng11739 V
28.2°ETG 4 HDeng11739 V
28.2°ETLC Europeeng12382 H
28.2°ETLC Europeeng12382 H
28.2°ETRP 1 (The Racing Partnership)eng11425 H
28.2°ETV3 Irelandeng12110 H
28.2°ETV3 +1 Irelandeng11836 H
28.2°ETV5 Monde Europefra11426 V
28.2°EU111758 H
28.2°EUTV +1eng10906 V
28.2°EUTV (Ulster)nar10906 V
28.2°EUniversal HD UKnar11739 V
28.2°EVH-1 (Video Hits One)eng11895 V
28.2°EVicelandeng11836 H
28.2°EWatcheng12129 V
28.2°EXXX Age Gapseng12070 H
28.2°EXXX Britseng12070 H
28.2°EXXX Collegeeng12070 H
28.2°EXXX Girl Girleng12070 H
28.2°EXXX Mumseng12070 H
28.2°EXXX My Hot Exeng12070 H
28.2°EXXX Stepfameng12070 H
28.2°EYesterdayeng12129 V
28.2°E3eeng11836 H
28.2°E3e HDeng12012 V

Astra 2F satellite list channels & frequencies

28.2°ESky Sports Golfnar12148 H
28.2°ESky Sports Golf HDnar12460 H
28.2°ESky Scifi/Horror HDnar12168 V
28.2°ESky Superhero HDnar12168 V
28.2°EHistory +1eng12188 H
28.2°ENational Geographic Channel +1nar12188 H
28.2°ETLC HDnar12168 V
28.2°EAt The Races Irelandeng11344 H
28.2°EYour TV Internationaleng11345 V
28.2°ESky Comedy HDnar12168 V
28.2°ELiving Foodzeng12188 H
28.2°ESony Crime 2eng11307 V
28.2°ENick Jr. HD UKnar12460 H
28.2°ESky Drama HDnar12168 V
28.2°EPop Max +1eng11307 V
28.2°ESyFy UK +1eng11307 H
28.2°ETiny Pop +1eng11307 V
28.2°ETru TV +1eng11307 V
28.2°ETrue Entertainment +1eng11307 V
28.2°ETrue Movies +1eng11307 V
28.2°ESony Crimeeng11307 V
28.2°ESony Crime +1eng11307 V
28.2°EHigh Street TV 3eng11345 V
28.2°EChart Show TVeng11307 V
28.2°EChartshow Hitseng11307 V
28.2°EPopeng11307 V
28.2°EPop +1eng11307 V
28.2°EPop Maxeng11307 V
28.2°EScuzzeng11307 V
28.2°EStarz TVeng11307 V
28.2°EThe Vaulteng11307 V
28.2°ETiny Popeng11307 V
28.2°ETru TVeng11307 V
28.2°ETrue Entertainmenteng11307 V
28.2°ETrue Movies 1eng11307 V
28.2°ESky Sports Box Officeeng12148 H
28.2°ETogethereng12207 V
28.2°EQVC Extraeng11494 H
28.2°EMovies 24eng11307 H
28.2°EMovies 24+eng11307 H
28.2°EGood Food HDnar12227 H
28.2°EDirty Talkeng11345 V
28.2°EMotorsport TVeng11307 H
28.2°ESky Atlantic VIPnar12188 H
28.2°ETLC HDnar12168 V
28.2°EXXX OfficeGirlseng12207 V
28.2°ESky Twoeng12207 V
28.2°ESky Sports Football HDnar12460 H
28.2°ESky Sports Main Events HDnar12460 H
28.2°ESky Sports News HDeng12460 H
28.2°ESky Sports Premier League HDnar12460 H
28.2°ESony Max HDeng12227 H
28.2°EZingeng12188 H
28.2°ESky Sports Footballnar12207 V
28.2°ESky Sports Main Eventsnar12148 H
28.2°ESky Sports Mixeng12207 V
28.2°ESky Sports Mixeng12207 V
28.2°ESky Sports Newseng12148 H
28.2°ESky Sports Newseng12148 H
28.2°ESky Sports News Irelandeng12148 H
28.2°ESky Sports Premier Leaguenar12207 V
28.2°EMTV Beatseng12207 V
28.2°ENickelodeon +1eng12148 H
28.2°ENickelodeon Europenar12148 H
28.2°EZee Cinemahin12188 H
28.2°EBoxNationeng11344 H
28.2°EFox +1 U.K.nar12148 H
28.2°EBT Sport 2nar11344 H
28.2°EBT Sport Extra 2eng11344 H
28.2°EBT Sport Extra 3eng11344 H
28.2°EBT Sport Extra 4eng11344 H
28.2°EBT Sport Extra 5eng11344 H
28.2°EBT Sport Extra 6eng11344 H
28.2°EBT Sport Mosaichin11344 H
28.2°EBT Sport/ESPNnar11344 H
28.2°EE! Entertainment TVeng11307 H
28.2°EE! Entertainment TVeng11307 H
28.2°EGet Luckyeng11344 H
28.2°ES4C HDnar11307 H
28.2°EStudio 66 TV 1eng11344 H
28.2°ESyFy Channeleng11307 H
28.2°EUniversal Channel +1 UKnar11307 H
28.2°EUniversal Channel Irelandnar11307 H
28.2°EUniversal Channel UKnar11307 H
28.2°EQVC Beautyeng11494 H
28.2°EQVC Styleeng11494 H
28.2°ECBS Realityeng11345 V
28.2°ECBS Reality +1eng11345 V
28.2°EAstra Ultra HD Testaaceng12441 V
28.2°ESES UHD Demoaac eng12441 V
28.2°Ebe3eng12188 H
28.2°ESky Disney HDnar12168 V
28.2°EBT Sport 3nar11345 V
28.2°EBT Sport Extra 1eng11345 V
28.2°EBT Sport Mosaic11345 V
28.2°EBox Upfronteng12304 H
28.2°EMagic (UK)eng12304 H
28.2°EBox Hitseng12304 H
28.2°EKerrang !eng12304 H
28.2°EKiss TV (UK)eng12304 H
28.2°EMore 4nar12304 H
28.2°EThe Boxeng12304 H
28.2°EAMC from BTnar11345 V
28.2°EAnimal Planet HDnar12168 V
28.2°EBoomerang HDnar12168 V
28.2°ETV3 Ireland HDeng12227 H
28.2°EInsight UHDeng11494 H
28.2°ECrime & Investigation Networkeng12188 H
28.2°EHorror Channeleng11345 V
28.2°EWatch HDnar12227 H
28.2°ECBS Actioneng11345 V
28.2°EBT Sport 1nar11345 V
28.2°ECartoon Network HD UKnar12227 H
28.2°EDisney Channel HD UKnar12227 H
28.2°EDisney Junior HD UKnar12227 H
28.2°ETCM HD UKnar12227 H
28.2°EHorror Channel +1eng11345 V
28.2°ECBS Dramaeng11345 V
28.2°EPsychic TVeng11345 V
28.2°ES4C Digidolwel11345 V
28.2°ESex Stationeng11345 V
28.2°EBritish Eurosporteng12148 H
28.2°EManchester United TVeng12188 H
28.2°ESky Real Livesnar12188 H
28.2°EH2eng12188 H
28.2°ELifetimeeng12207 V
28.2°ESky Livingnar12207 V
28.2°EAt The Races U.K.eng12188 H
28.2°EHistoryeng12188 H
28.2°ENatGeo Wildeng12188 H
28.2°ENational Geographic UKnar12188 H
28.2°ESky Atlanticnar12148 H
28.2°ESky Living +1nar12148 H
28.2°ETCM - Turner Classic Movieseng12148 H
28.2°EPick TVnar12207 V
28.2°EPick TV +1nar12207 V
28.2°ESky Newseng12207 V
28.2°ESky News Irelandeng12207 V
28.2°EComedy Central Extranar12148 H
28.2°EEurosport 2 UKeng12148 H
28.2EParamount NetworkEnglish11344 H

Astra 2G satellite list channels & frequencies

28.2°E5*nar10964 H
28.2°E5* +1nar10964 H
28.2°EABN TVeng11464 H
28.2°EABP Newseng11568 V
28.2°EAIT International UKeng11464 H
28.2°EA Plus Europeurd11538 V
28.2°EATN Banglaben11538 V
28.2°EA1 TVurd11464 H
28.2°EAaj Takhin11568 V
28.2°EAastha TV Internationaleng11553 H
28.2°EAbu Dhabi TVara11627 V
28.2°EAdult Channeleng11464 H
28.2°EAhlebait TVeng11538 V
28.2°EAhlulbayt Satellite Channeleng11081 H
28.2°EAkaal Channeleng11171 H
28.2°EAl Jazeera Englisheng11081 H
28.2°EAl Jazeera English HDnar11612 H
28.2°EAlibieng11523 H
28.2°EAlibi +1eng11523 H
28.2°EAnimal Planet +1eng11038 V
28.2°EArirang TV HDkor11225 V
28.2°EAry Familyurd11112 H
28.2°EBBC Four HDnar11024 H
28.2°EBBC Four HDnar11024 H
28.2°EBBC News HDeng11024 H
28.2°EBBC One Scotland HDeng11024 H
28.2°EBBC One Wales HDeng11024 H
28.2°EBEN - Bright Entertainment Networkeng11464 H
28.2°EBET U.K.eng11141 H
28.2°EB4U Movieseng11479 V
28.2°EB4U Musiceng11479 V
28.2°EBabes & Brazzerseng11479 V
28.2°EBelieve TVeng11112 H
28.2°EBest Directeng11568 V
28.2°EBlazeeng11081 H
28.2°EBloomberg Europeeng11081 H
28.2°EBloomberg UK HD11686 V
28.2°EBoomerangnar11672 H
28.2°EBoomerang +1nar11672 H
28.2°EBoxNation HDeng11686 V
28.2°EBrit Asia TVeng11112 H
28.2°EBritish Muslimeng11464 H
28.2°ECBeebies HDnar11024 H
28.2°ECBeebies HDnar11024 H
28.2°ECGTNeng11464 H
28.2°ECNBC Europeeng11479 V
28.2°ECNC Worldeng11597 V
28.2°ECNN International Europeeng11672 H
28.2°ECNN International HDeng11672 H
28.2°ECapital TVeng11553 H
28.2°ECartoon Networknar11672 H
28.2°ECartoon Network +1nar11672 H
28.2°EChannel 4411627 V
28.2°EChannel 5 +1nar10964 H
28.2°EChannel AKAeng11582 H
28.2°EChannel 4 HDnar11127 V
28.2°EChannel 5 HDnar10964 H
28.2°EChannel Iben11479 V
28.2°EChannel Seng11538 V
28.2°EChannel 5 South Centralnar10964 H
28.2°EChannels 24eng11597 V
28.2°EChat Boxeng11112 H
28.2°EClimax 3eng11171 H
28.2°EClubland TVeng11553 H
28.2°EColorseng11582 H
28.2°EColors HDeng11686 V
28.2°EComedy Central Extraeng11141 H
28.2°EComedy Central Extra +111141 H
28.2°EComedy Central Irelandeng11141 H
28.2°EComedy Central +1 Irelandeng11141 H
28.2°EComedy Central +1 UKeng11141 H
28.2°ECreate & Crafteng11597 V
28.2°ECruise First TVeng11464 H
28.2°EDMAX UKeng11038 V
28.2°EDMAX UK +1eng11038 V
28.2°EDaveeng11523 H
28.2°EDave Ja Vueng11523 H
28.2°EDaystar HDeng11686 V
28.2°EDiscovery History +1eng11038 V
28.2°EDiscovery Home & Health +1eng11038 V
28.2°EDiscovery Science +1eng11038 V
28.2°EDiscovery Shedeng11038 V
28.2°EDiscovery Turbo +1 UKnar11038 V
28.2°EDunya Newsurd11112 H
28.2°EEWTN Europeeng11265 V
28.2°EEden +1eng11523 H
28.2°EEman Channeleng11582 H
28.2°EEuronews Englisheng11464 H
28.2°EFaith Channeleng11112 H
28.2°EFaith Channeleng11538 V
28.2°EFame TVeng11464 H
28.2°EFrontRunnereng11582 H
28.2°EGEO Kahaniurd11553 H
28.2°EGNTV - Grace Network TVeng11597 V
28.2°EGOD Europeeng11265 V
28.2°EGOLDeng11523 H
28.2°EGOLD +1eng11523 H
28.2°EGay Networkeng11112 H
28.2°EGeo News Internationalurd11112 H
28.2°EGeo TVurd11568 V
28.2°EGood Food +1eng11523 H
28.2°EGospel Channel Europeeng11597 V
28.2°EHUM Masala11538 V
28.2°EHeart TVeng11553 H
28.2°EHidayat TVeng11479 V
28.2°EHigh Street TVeng11568 V
28.2°EHigh Street TV 2eng11553 H
28.2°EHigh Street TV 4eng11553 H
28.2°EHillsongeng11081 H
28.2°EHochandaeng11553 H
28.2°EHoliday + Cruise11656 V
28.2°EHome +1eng11523 H
28.2°EHorse and Countryeng11568 V
28.2°EHum Europeurd11538 V
28.2°EITV 1nar10994 H
28.2°EITV 1 Anglia TV Westnar10994 H
28.2°EITV Border Scotlandnar10994 H
28.2°EITV Box Office HDeng11068 V
28.2°EITV 1 Central Eastnar10994 H
28.2°EITV 1 Central West HDnar11097 V
28.2°EITV Encore HDnar11068 V
28.2°EITV HDnar11068 V
28.2°EITV HDnar11053 H
28.2°EITV HDnar11053 H
28.2°EITV HDnar11068 V
28.2°EITV HDnar11053 H
28.2°EITV HDnar11053 H
28.2°EITV HDnar11097 V
28.2°EITV 2 HDnar11053 H
28.2°EITV 3 HDnar11097 V
28.2°EITV 4 HDnar11097 V
28.2°EITV 1 London HDnar11097 V
28.2°EITV 1 Meridian South HDnar11097 V
28.2°EITV 1 Meridian TV Northnar10994 H
28.2°EITV +1 Tyne Teeseng10994 H
28.2°EITV +1 Waleseng10994 H
28.2°EITV Wales HDnar11053 H
28.2°EITV 1 Westcountry Westnar10994 H
28.2°EITV 1 Yorkshire TV Eastnar10994 H
28.2°EITV 1 Yorkshire TV East +1eng10994 H
28.2°EIdeal Extraeng11597 V
28.2°EIdeal Worldeng11597 V
28.2°EInspiration Networkeng11081 H
28.2°EInvestigation Discovery +1eng11038 V
28.2°EInvestigation Discovery Europeeng11038 V
28.2°EIqra Banglaben11479 V
28.2°EIqraa TVara11479 V
28.2°EIran International HDfar11612 H
28.2°EIslam Channeleng11112 H
28.2°EIslam Channeleng11265 V
28.2°EJML Solutionseng11568 V
28.2°EJUS Punjabipun11656 V
28.2°EJewellery Channeleng11081 H
28.2°EJewellery Channeleng11597 V
28.2°EJewellery Makereng11081 H
28.2°EJuwelo UKeng11553 H
28.2°EKICC TVeng11538 V
28.2°EKTV Indiaeng11081 H
28.2°EKanshi TVeng11582 H
28.2°EKeep It Countryeng11081 H
28.2°ELondon Liveeng11479 V
28.2°ELoveWorld Christian networkeng11081 H
28.2°EMATV Nationaleng11112 H
28.2°EMTA International11265 V
28.2°EMTV Music UKeng11141 H
28.2°EMUTV HDeng11509 V
28.2°EMadani Channelurd11479 V
28.2°EMade In Bristoleng11538 V
28.2°EMade In Cardiffeng11538 V
28.2°EMade In Leedseng11538 V
28.2°EMade In Tyne & Weareng11538 V
28.2°EMade in Birminghameng11538 V
28.2°EMade in Liverpooleng11538 V
28.2°EMovies4Men +1eng11171 H
28.2°EMovies4meneng11171 H
28.2°EMy5nar10964 H
28.2°EMy Channel UKeng11553 H
28.2°ENDTV 24x7eng11553 H
28.2°ENHK World HDeng11225 V
28.2°ENTV (National TV)ben11464 H
28.2°ENew Vision TVeng11112 H
28.2°E92 Newsurd11538 V
28.2°ENews 18 Indiaeng11112 H
28.2°ENick Jr +1eng11141 H
28.2°ENick Jr Tooeng11141 H
28.2°ENick Jr Tooeng11141 H
28.2°ENick Junioreng11141 H
28.2°ENick Toonseng11141 H
28.2°ENickelodeon Europeeng11141 H
28.2°ENoor TVeng11553 H
28.2°ENow 80?seng11597 V
28.2°ENow 90?seng11553 H
28.2°EOlive TVeng11582 H
28.2°EPCNE - Phoenix Chinese News & Entertainmenteng11265 V
28.2°EPTC Punjabipun11553 H
28.2°EPTV Globaleng11479 V
28.2°EPTV Primeurd11464 H
28.2°EPaversshoes TVeng11081 H
28.2°EPeace TV UKeng11265 V
28.2°EPeace TV Urdueng11265 V
28.2°EPremier Sportseng11171 H
28.2°EPrice Crash !eng11656 V
28.2°EPropeller TVeng11582 H
28.2°EProperty Showeng11582 H
28.2°EROK TVeng11464 H
28.2°ERT HDeng11225 V
28.2°ERacing UKeng11171 H
28.2°ERacing UK HDeng11509 V
28.2°ERetail TVeng11568 V
28.2°ERetro Movieseng11464 H
28.2°ERevelation TVeng11265 V
28.2°ERishtey Cineplexhin11582 H
28.2°ERishtey TVhin11582 H
28.2°ERussia Todayeng11568 V
28.2°ESAB TVhin11568 V
28.2°ESET Maxeng11582 H
28.2°ESTV 2 Glasgoweng11479 V
28.2°ESTV HDnar11068 V
28.2°ESafeer TVeng11582 H
28.2°ESamaa TVurd11112 H
28.2°ESangat TVpun11553 H
28.2°ESanskar TV11112 H
28.2°E4Sevennar11127 V
28.2°ESewing Quartereng11553 H
28.2°EShop Now TVeng11656 V
28.2°EShowcaseeng11597 V
28.2°EShowcase +1eng11081 H
28.2°ESikh Channeleng11081 H
28.2°ESky Movies Premier HDeng11225 V
28.2°ESonLife Broadcasting Networkesp11597 V
28.2°ESony Entertainment UKeng11568 V
28.2°ESony Mix TVeng11568 V
28.2°ESony Movieseng11171 H
28.2°ESony Movies +1eng11171 H
28.2°E5 Spikenar10964 H
28.2°E5 Spike +1nar10964 H
28.2°EStar Bharateng11582 H
28.2°EStar Goldeng11582 H
28.2°EStar Pluseng11582 H
28.2°EStudio 66 TV 2eng11112 H
28.2°EStudio 66 TV 3eng11112 H
28.2°ETBN UKeng11265 V
28.2°ETCM +1 UKeng11582 H
28.2°ETLC +1eng11038 V
28.2°ETRT Worldeng11479 V
28.2°ETRT World HDeng11509 V
28.2°ETV 99eng11538 V
28.2°ETVC Newseng11479 V
28.2°ETV One UKurd11464 H
28.2°ETV Record HD11612 H
28.2°ETV Warehouseeng11568 V
28.2°ETVX pay per nighteng11656 V
28.2°ETakbeer TVeng11597 V
28.2°ETalking Pictures TVeng11538 V
28.2°ETelevision X - The Fantasy Channeleng11656 V
28.2°EThane Directeng11597 V
28.2°EThe Word Networkeng11538 V
28.2°ETravel Channeleng11568 V
28.2°ETravel Channel +1eng11597 V
28.2°E5 USAnar10964 H
28.2°E5 USA +1nar10964 H
28.2°EUTV HDnar11068 V
28.2°EV Channeleng11112 H
28.2°EVTV U.K.urd11112 H
28.2°EVenuseng11479 V
28.2°EVintage TVeng11597 V
28.2°EVox Africaeng11479 V
28.2°EWatcheng11523 H
28.2°EWatch +1eng11523 H
28.2°EXpanded TVeng11538 V
28.2°EXpanded TV 2eng11538 V
28.2°EXrated hookupseng11656 V
28.2°EXtreme Filtheng11656 V
28.2°EYanga!eng11597 V
28.2°EYesterday +1eng11523 H
28.2°EZee TVeng11656 V
28.2°EZee TV HDhin11627 V
28.2°Eeir Sport 1eng11171 H
28.2°Eeir Sport 2eng11171 H
28.2°Eeir Sport 2 HDeng11225 V
28.2°EiON TVben11538 V
28.2°ExxXpanded TVeng11538 V
Astra 2G satellite 28.2°E channels list frequency