Sat frequenes News

  • Al Nassr TV 24 :7.3°W Eutelsat 7 West A 11526 H 275007/8
  • Diwan TV :35.9°E Eutelsat 36B 12509 V 16678/9
  • Al-Majd Public Channel :8.0°W Eutelsat 8 West B 11137 H 275005/6
  • Manisa Medya TV :42.0°E Türksat 3A 12729 V 300002/3
  • Mimusica :40.5°W SES 6 4177 L 54165/6
  • Odo TV :26.0°E Badr 7 10998 V 100003/5
  • Kurdsat News :13.0°E Hotbird 13C 11296 H 275005/6
  • Kurdsat News :97.0°W Galaxy 19 12177 V 230003/4
  • Surebet 247 Num Games :4.8°E Astra 4A 12645 V 300005/6
  • Surebet 247 Horse Racing :4.8°E Astra 4A 12645 V 300005/6
  • Surebet 247 Racing :4.8°E Astra 4A 12645 V 300005/6
  • Gibet EPL :4.8°E Astra 4A 12645 V 300005/6
  • 1960 Bet Dog Racing :4.8°E Astra 4A 12645 V 300005/6
  • Bet 9JA Racing :4.8°E Astra 4A 12645 V 300005/6
  • 1960 Bet Racing :4.8°E Astra 4A 12645 V 300005/6
  • Gibet La Liga :4.8°E Astra 4A 12645 V 300005/6
  • Gibet Bingo :4.8°E Astra 4A 12645 V 300005/6
  • Libya Alhadath :21.5°E Eutelsat 21B 11666 V 14813/4
  • 1960 Bet Keno :4.8°E Astra 4A 12645 V 300005/6
  • Gibet Dog Racing :4.8°E Astra 4A 12645 V 300005/6
  • Bet 9JA :4.8°E Astra 4A 12645 V 300005/6
  • Bet 9JA Gamble :4.8°E Astra 4A 12645 V 300005/6
  • Surebet 247 Keno :4.8°E Astra 4A 12645 V 300005/6
  • Surebet 247 Dog Racing :4.8°E Astra 4A 12645 V 300005/6
  • Gibet Keno :4.8°E Astra 4A 12645 V 300005/6
  • News Plus :38.0°E Paksat 1R 4037 V 48003/4
  • Dawn News :28.2°E Astra 2G 11112 H 220005/6
  • 1960 Bet Virtual Football League :4.8°E Astra 4A 12645 V 300005/6
  • Surebet 247 Virtual Game :4.8°E Astra 4A 12645 V 300005/6
  • Al Tanasuh TV :53.0°E Express AM6 12594 V 275002/3
  • Al Tanasuh TV :14.0°W Express AM8 11584 H 20005/6
  • Court TV :97.0°W Galaxy 19 3950 V 160005/6
  • (New 2019) Frequencies of Astra 4A Channels

    Astra 4A Satellite Frequency of Channel :

    Astra 4A 4.8° East Satellite for Norway, Sweedish , Russian, Danish and Ukrainian Channels broadcast Sat TV to Europe and north african countries.
    Here are all Astra 4A sat channels frequencies and languages of channels to easily find your favorite channel and add frequency , polarity and symbole rate to your digital reciever to get the tp channel

    Frequencies of Astra 4A Channels List :

    Channel NameSatelliteFrequencyPolaritySymbol-RLanguage
    0h-4h CETAstra 4A11977.00Vertical27500 5/6Nor
    1+1Astra 4A11766.00Horizontal27500 3/4Ukr
    1+1Astra 4A12188.00Horizontal30000 3/4Ukr
    1+1 InternationalAstra 4A11766.00Horizontal27500 3/4Ukr
    112 Ukraine HDAstra 4A12341.00Horizontal30000 3/4Ukr
    2+2Astra 4A11766.00Horizontal27500 3/4Ukr
    2+2Astra 4A12341.00Horizontal30000 3/4Ukr
    21h-3hAstra 4A12303.00Horizontal25547 7/8Bulgarian
    23h-5h CETAstra 4A12637.00Horizontal14465 3/4
    3+ DenmarkAstra 4A11977.00Vertical27500 5/6Danish
    3+ LatvijaAstra 4A11958.00Horizontal27500 3/4Russian
    3h-21hAstra 4A12303.00Horizontal25547 7/8Bulgarian
    6?erenAstra 4A11804.00Horizontal27500 5/6Danish
    Alphameric Studio and SIS+ (Astra 4A12149.00Horizontal27500 3/4
    Alphameric Studio with BTC AAstra 4A12149.00Horizontal27500 3/4
    ALPHAMERIC UK - CISCO 1Astra 4A12418.00Horizontal27500 3/4
    ALPHAMERIC UK WITH BTCAstra 4A12418.00Horizontal27500 3/4
    ALT VC 168Astra 4A12418.00Horizontal27500 3/4
    Animal Planet Eastern EuropeAstra 4A12322.00Vertical27500 5/6English
    Animal Planet EuropeAstra 4A12322.00Vertical27500 5/6English
    Animal Planet EuropeAstra 4A12322.00Vertical27500 5/6English
    Animal Planet Poland HDAstra 4A12360.00Vertical27500 5/6Pol
    Animal Planet Turkey HDAstra 4A12322.00Vertical27500 5/6Turkish
    ATG LiveAstra 4A12379.60Horizontal27500 3/4
    ATRAstra 4A12284.00Vertical27500 3/4Ukr
    Baltijos televizijaAstra 4A12245.00Vertical27500 3/4Lit
    BBC World NewsAstra 4A11977.00Vertical27500 5/6English
    Belsat TVAstra 4A12303.00Horizontal25547 7/8Bel
    BETFRED SIS - CISCO 1Astra 4A12418.00Horizontal27500 3/4
    BETFRED TOG - CISCO 3Astra 4A12418.00Horizontal27500 3/4
    BETFRED TOTE 2 - CISCO 1Astra 4A12418.00Horizontal27500 3/4
    BETFRED TV TTV - CISCO 4Astra 4A12418.00Horizontal27500 3/4
    BETFRED VIRTUAL - CISCO 5Astra 4A12418.00Horizontal27500 3/4
    Bigudi TVAstra 4A11766.00Horizontal27500 3/4Ukr
    BlackSea TVAstra 4A12399.00Vertical27500 3/4Ukr
    BoltAstra 4A12265.00Horizontal30000 3/4
    BoltAstra 4A12265.00Horizontal30000 3/4Ukr
    BoomerangAstra 4A12054.00Vertical27500 3/4
    Business TV UkraineAstra 4A12073.00Horizontal27500 3/4Ukr
    Business TV UkraineAstra 4A12341.00Horizontal30000 3/4Ukr
    CANAL9Astra 4A11823.00Vertical27500 5/6
    Cartoon NetworkAstra 4A11804.00Horizontal27500 5/6English
    Cartoon Network Russia SoutAstra 4A12303.00Horizontal25547 7/8Russian
    CN TCM RussiaAstra 4A12303.00Horizontal25547 7/8
    CN/TCM EnglishAstra 4A12303.00Horizontal25547 7/8English
    CNN International EuropeAstra 4A11823.00Vertical27500 5/6English
    Comedy Central NordicAstra 4A11938.00Vertical27500 5/6
    Comedy Central NordicAstra 4A12034.00Horizontal27500 5/6Swe
    Coral Live BettingAstra 4A12303.00Horizontal25547 7/8
    CORAL TV1 - PVU4Astra 4A12149.00Horizontal27500 3/4
    CORAL TV1 SIS DATA - PVU4Astra 4A12149.00Horizontal27500 3/4
    CORAL TV2 - PVU6Astra 4A12149.00Horizontal27500 3/4
    CORE SIAstra 4A11823.00Vertical27500 5/6
    DachaAstra 4A12265.00Horizontal30000 3/4
    DachaAstra 4A12265.00Horizontal30000 3/4
    DaytimeAstra 4A11881.00Horizontal27500 5/6
    DaytimeAstra 4A11881.00Horizontal27500 5/6
    DaytimeAstra 4A11900.00Vertical27500 3/4English
    Discovery Central EuropeAstra 4A12322.00Vertical27500 5/6English
    Discovery Channel BulgariaAstra 4A12360.00Vertical27500 5/6Bulgarian
    Discovery Channel HD TurkeyAstra 4A12322.00Vertical27500 5/6Turkish
    Discovery Channel HungaryAstra 4A12360.00Vertical27500 5/6Hun
    Discovery Channel Middle-EasAstra 4A12322.00Vertical27500 5/6English
    Discovery Channel PolskaAstra 4A12360.00Vertical27500 5/6Pol
    Discovery Channel RomaniaAstra 4A12360.00Vertical27500 5/6Rom
    Discovery Channel SwedenAstra 4A12360.00Vertical27500 5/6Swe
    Discovery Life PolandAstra 4A12360.00Vertical27500 5/6Pol
    Discovery ScienceAstra 4A12322.00Vertical27500 5/6English
    Discovery Science HD TurkeyAstra 4A12322.00Vertical27500 5/6Turkish
    Discovery Science Poland HDAstra 4A12360.00Vertical27500 5/6Pol
    Discovery Turbo Xtra PolandAstra 4A12360.00Vertical27500 5/6Pol
    Discovery WorldAstra 4A12322.00Vertical27500 5/6English
    Discovery WorldAstra 4A12322.00Vertical27500 5/6English
    Discovery WorldAstra 4A12322.00Vertical27500 5/6English
    Disney Channel DenmarkAstra 4A11919.00Horizontal27500 3/4Danish
    Disney Channel NordicAstra 4A12034.00Horizontal27500 5/6Swe
    Disney Channel NorwayAstra 4A11919.00Horizontal27500 3/4Nor
    Disney Junior NordicAstra 4A12054.00Vertical27500 3/4Swe
    Disney XD Denmark/NorwayAstra 4A11919.00Horizontal27500 3/4Danish
    Disney XD NordicAstra 4A12034.00Horizontal27500 5/6Swe
    Diva BalkansAstra 4A12303.00Horizontal25547 7/8
    Diva BalkansAstra 4A12303.00Horizontal25547 7/8
    Diva RomaniaAstra 4A12303.00Horizontal25547 7/8
    Diva Universal RomaniaAstra 4A12303.00Horizontal25547 7/8Rom
    DK 4Astra 4A12476.00Vertical27500 5/6Danish
    Dobro TVAstra 4A12341.00Horizontal30000 3/4Ukr
    Donbass TVAstra 4A12130.00Vertical27500 3/4Ukr
    DoTBAstra 4A12341.00Horizontal30000 3/4Ukr
    Dozhd TVAstra 4A12379.60Horizontal27500 3/4Russian
    DR 1Astra 4A11823.00Vertical27500 5/6Danish
    DR 2Astra 4A11823.00Vertical27500 5/6Danish
    DR KAstra 4A11727.48Horizontal27500 5/6Danish
    DR RamasjangAstra 4A11727.48Horizontal27500 5/6Danish
    DR UltraAstra 4A11727.48Horizontal27500 5/6Danish
    DW-TV Deutsche WelleAstra 4A12379.60Horizontal27500 3/4German
    E Entertainment TV NordicAstra 4A12034.00Horizontal27500 5/6English
    English ClubAstra 4A12073.00Horizontal27500 3/4Russian
    English Club HDAstra 4A11747.00Vertical30000 3/4Russian
    EnterAstra 4A12188.00Horizontal30000 3/4Ukr
    Enter FilmAstra 4A12399.00Vertical27500 3/4Ukr
    EpoqueAstra 4A12265.00Horizontal30000 3/4
    EpoqueAstra 4A12265.00Horizontal30000 3/4
    Eskulap TBAstra 4A12341.00Horizontal30000 3/4Ukr
    Espreso TVAstra 4A12073.00Horizontal27500 3/4Ukr
    Espreso TVAstra 4A12341.00Horizontal30000 3/4Ukr
    ETV 2Astra 4A12245.00Vertical27500 3/4Est
    ETV EstoniaAstra 4A12245.00Vertical27500 3/4Est
    Eurosport 1Astra 4A12322.00Vertical27500 5/6
    Eurosport 2Astra 4A12322.00Vertical27500 5/6
    Eurosport 2 BelgiumAstra 4A12322.00Vertical27500 5/6
    Eurosport 2 GermanyAstra 4A12322.00Vertical27500 5/6German
    Eurosport 2 PolandAstra 4A12322.00Vertical27500 5/6Pol
    Eurosport DanmarkAstra 4A11881.00Horizontal27500 5/6Danish
    Eurosport GermanyAstra 4A12322.00Vertical27500 5/6German
    FaunaAstra 4A12265.00Horizontal30000 3/4
    FaunaAstra 4A12265.00Horizontal30000 3/4
    FilmUA DramaAstra 4A12265.00Horizontal30000 3/4Ukr
    FilmUA DramaAstra 4A12265.00Horizontal30000 3/4Ukr
    Football 1Astra 4A12130.00Vertical27500 3/4Ukr
    Football 2Astra 4A12130.00Vertical27500 3/4Ukr
    FOX NorwayAstra 4A12015.00Vertical27500 3/4Nor
    GBI RacingAstra 4A12303.00Horizontal25547 7/8
    GlasAstra 4A12073.00Horizontal27500 3/4
    GOD EuropeAstra 4A11996.00Horizontal27500 3/4English
    GOD EuropeAstra 4A12379.60Horizontal27500 3/4English
    GorizontAstra 4A12399.00Vertical27500 3/4Ukr
    History Channel Eastern EuroAstra 4A11938.00Vertical27500 5/6Russian
    HromadskeAstra 4A12073.00Horizontal27500 3/4Ukr
    ICTVAstra 4A12188.00Horizontal30000 3/4Ukr
    ID EuropeAstra 4A12322.00Vertical27500 5/6English
    ID Xtra EuropeAstra 4A12322.00Vertical27500 5/6English
    Indigo TVAstra 4A12130.00Vertical27500 3/4Ukr
    Indigo TVAstra 4A12188.00Horizontal30000 3/4Ukr
    InterAstra 4A12188.00Horizontal30000 3/4Ukr
    InterAstra 4A12399.00Vertical27500 3/4Ukr
    Inter +Astra 4A12284.00Vertical27500 3/4Ukr
    Investigation Discovery EuroAstra 4A12322.00Vertical27500 5/6English
    Investigation Discovery HungAstra 4A12360.00Vertical27500 5/6Hun
    Investigation Discovery PolsAstra 4A12360.00Vertical27500 5/6Pol
    Investigation Discovery SwedAstra 4A12360.00Vertical27500 5/6Swe
    Investigation Discovery XtraAstra 4A12322.00Vertical27500 5/6English
    K1Astra 4A12188.00Horizontal30000 3/4Ukr
    K1Astra 4A12399.00Vertical27500 3/4Ukr
    K2Astra 4A12188.00Horizontal30000 3/4Ukr
    K2Astra 4A12399.00Vertical27500 3/4Ukr
    Kanal 10 SwedenAstra 4A11996.00Horizontal27500 3/4Swe
    Kanal 11Astra 4A11958.00Horizontal27500 3/4
    Kanal 11 SwedenAstra 4A11804.00Horizontal27500 5/6Swe
    Kanal 2Astra 4A12245.00Vertical27500 3/4Est
    Kanal 4Astra 4A11862.00Vertical27500 3/4
    Kanal 5 DenmarkAstra 4A11881.00Horizontal27500 5/6Danish
    Kanal 5 Sweden FemmanAstra 4A11938.00Vertical27500 5/6Swe
    Kanal 5 UkraineAstra 4A12188.00Horizontal30000 3/4Ukr
    Kanal 5 UkraineAstra 4A12284.00Vertical27500 3/4Ukr
    Kanal 75Astra 4A12379.60Horizontal27500 3/4English
    Kanal 9Astra 4A11804.00Horizontal27500 5/6Swe
    Kanals 2Astra 4A11958.00Horizontal27500 3/4Lat
    Karavan TVAstra 4A12073.00Horizontal27500 3/4Ukr
    KidzoneAstra 4A11958.00Horizontal27500 3/4Est
    KRTAstra 4A12284.00Vertical27500 3/4Ukr
    KulturaAstra 4A12341.00Horizontal30000 3/4Ukr
    KunskapskanalenAstra 4A11881.00Horizontal27500 5/6Swe
    Kvartal TVAstra 4A11766.00Horizontal27500 3/4Ukr
    Ladbrokes 1-PVU 3Astra 4A12149.00Horizontal27500 3/4
    LADBROKES SIS DATAAstra 4A12418.00Horizontal27500 3/4
    LADBROKES SIS LES2 - CISCO 1Astra 4A12418.00Horizontal27500 3/4
    LADBROKES XTRA - PVU5Astra 4A12149.00Horizontal27500 3/4
    LaleAstra 4A12284.00Vertical27500 3/4Ukr
    Lietuvos Rytas TVAstra 4A12245.00Vertical27500 3/4Lit
    LNKAstra 4A12245.00Vertical27500 3/4
    LNTAstra 4A11958.00Horizontal27500 3/4Lat
    LRT TelevizijaAstra 4A11900.00Vertical27500 3/4Lit
    LTV 1Astra 4A11958.00Horizontal27500 3/4Lat
    LTV 7Astra 4A11900.00Vertical27500 3/4Lat
    LTV WorldAstra 4A12379.60Horizontal27500 3/4Lit
    M1Astra 4A12188.00Horizontal30000 3/4Ukr
    Max HDAstra 4A12437.00Vertical27500 3/4Nor
    Maxxi TVAstra 4A12284.00Vertical27500 3/4Ukr
    MCUK TestAstra 4A12418.00Horizontal27500 3/4
    MegaAstra 4A12341.00Horizontal30000 3/4Ukr
    MegaAstra 4A12399.00Vertical27500 3/4Ukr
    MK TestAstra 4A12149.00Horizontal27500 3/4
    MTV DenmarkAstra 4A11823.00Vertical27500 5/6Danish
    MTV HitsAstra 4A11881.00Horizontal27500 5/6English
    MTV HitsAstra 4A11900.00Vertical27500 3/4English
    MTV NordicAstra 4A11977.00Vertical27500 5/6English
    Music Box UkrainaAstra 4A11766.00Horizontal27500 3/4Ukr
    NadiyaAstra 4A12284.00Vertical27500 3/4Ukr
    Nat Geo People DenmarkAstra 4A11919.00Horizontal27500 3/4Danish
    NatGeo WildAstra 4A11881.00Horizontal27500 5/6English
    National Geographic DenmarkAstra 4A12034.00Horizontal27500 5/6Danish
    National Geographic HD EastAstra 4A12437.00Vertical27500 3/4English
    National Geographic ScandinaAstra 4A11938.00Vertical27500 5/6Swe
    Nauka 2.0Astra 4A12265.00Horizontal30000 3/4Russian
    Nauka 2.0Astra 4A12265.00Horizontal30000 3/4Russian
    NEW BOYLES SPORTS - CISCO 1Astra 4A12418.00Horizontal27500 3/4
    New Christian TVAstra 4A12073.00Horizontal27500 3/4Ukr
    News OneAstra 4A12073.00Horizontal27500 3/4Ukr
    NewsNetworkAstra 4A12284.00Vertical27500 3/4Russian
    NHK WorldAstra 4A11881.00Horizontal27500 5/6English
    Nick Jr NordicAstra 4A11881.00Horizontal27500 5/6Swe
    Nick JuniorAstra 4A11900.00Vertical27500 3/4Swe
    Nick ToonsAstra 4A11804.00Horizontal27500 5/6Swe
    Nickelodeon DenmarkAstra 4A11881.00Horizontal27500 5/6Danish
    Nickelodeon NorwayAstra 4A11977.00Vertical27500 5/6Nor
    Nickelodeon SwedenAstra 4A12034.00Horizontal27500 5/6Swe
    NightsAstra 4A11881.00Horizontal27500 5/6
    NLO TVAstra 4A12130.00Vertical27500 3/4Ukr
    NLO TVAstra 4A12341.00Horizontal30000 3/4Ukr
    Novy KanalAstra 4A12188.00Horizontal30000 3/4Ukr
    NRK 1Astra 4A11862.00Vertical27500 3/4Nor
    NRK 1Astra 4A12015.00Vertical27500 3/4Nor
    NRK 1 LydtekstAstra 4A12015.00Vertical27500 3/4Nor
    NRK 1 MidtnyttAstra 4A12015.00Vertical27500 3/4Nor
    NRK 1 M?re Og RomsdalAstra 4A12015.00Vertical27500 3/4Nor
    NRK 1 NordlandAstra 4A12015.00Vertical27500 3/4Nor
    NRK 1 NordnyttAstra 4A12015.00Vertical27500 3/4Nor
    NRK 1 stafjellsAstra 4A12015.00Vertical27500 3/4Nor
    NRK 1 stfoldAstra 4A12015.00Vertical27500 3/4Nor
    NRK 1 stnyttAstra 4A12015.00Vertical27500 3/4Nor
    NRK 1 RogalandAstra 4A12015.00Vertical27500 3/4Nor
    NRK 1 S?rlandetAstra 4A12015.00Vertical27500 3/4Nor
    NRK 1 TegnsprakAstra 4A12015.00Vertical27500 3/4Nor
    NRK 1 VestlandsrevyenAstra 4A12015.00Vertical27500 3/4Nor
    NRK 2Astra 4A11862.00Vertical27500 3/4Nor
    NRK 2Astra 4A12015.00Vertical27500 3/4Nor
    NRK 2 LydtekstAstra 4A12015.00Vertical27500 3/4Nor
    NRK 3Astra 4A11862.00Vertical27500 3/4Nor
    NRK 3Astra 4A12015.00Vertical27500 3/4Nor
    NRK 3 LydtekstAstra 4A12015.00Vertical27500 3/4Nor
    NRK SuperAstra 4A12015.00Vertical27500 3/4Nor
    NRK SuperAstra 4A12015.00Vertical27500 3/4Nor
    NTNAstra 4A12188.00Horizontal30000 3/4Ukr
    NTNAstra 4A12399.00Vertical27500 3/4Ukr
    NTV Mir BalticAstra 4A11843.00Horizontal27500 3/4Russian
    Ohota RybalkaAstra 4A11938.00Vertical27500 5/6Russian
    OTV UkraineAstra 4A11766.00Horizontal27500 3/4Ukr
    OTV UkraineAstra 4A12265.00Horizontal30000 3/4Ukr
    Part-timeAstra 4A11881.00Horizontal27500 5/6
    Pershiy NacionalniyAstra 4A12188.00Horizontal30000 3/4Ukr
    Perviy kanal LatviaAstra 4A11843.00Horizontal27500 3/4Russian
    PixelAstra 4A12341.00Horizontal30000 3/4Ukr
    PixelAstra 4A12399.00Vertical27500 3/4Ukr
    PlusPlusAstra 4A11766.00Horizontal27500 3/4Ukr
    PPTV1Astra 4A12418.00Horizontal27500 3/4
    PPTV2Astra 4A12149.00Horizontal27500 3/4
    PPTV3Astra 4A12149.00Horizontal27500 3/4
    Pravda TutAstra 4A12265.00Horizontal30000 3/4Ukr
    Pro VSEAstra 4A12284.00Vertical27500 3/4Ukr
    RADAAstra 4A12073.00Horizontal27500 3/4Ukr
    REN TV BalticAstra 4A11843.00Horizontal27500 3/4Russian
    Repetitor TVAstra 4A12073.00Horizontal27500 3/4Ukr
    RivivalAstra 4A12284.00Vertical27500 3/4German
    RTIAstra 4A12284.00Vertical27500 3/4Ukr
    RTR PlanetaAstra 4A11996.00Horizontal27500 3/4Russian
    Russia TodayAstra 4A11996.00Horizontal27500 3/4English
    Science EuropeAstra 4A12322.00Vertical27500 5/6English
    Science EuropeAstra 4A12322.00Vertical27500 5/6English
    Service01Astra 4A12111.00Horizontal26883 5/6
    SHOPing TVAstra 4A12073.00Horizontal27500 3/4Ukr
    SIS BarOne IndepAstra 4A12149.00Horizontal27500 3/4
    SIS Euro RacingAstra 4A12418.00Horizontal27500 3/4
    SIS EUROPE NO DATA - CISCO 2Astra 4A12418.00Horizontal27500 3/4
    SIS MK Test PVU 8Astra 4A12149.00Horizontal27500 3/4
    SIS RacingAstra 4A12149.00Horizontal27500 3/4English
    SIS RacingAstra 4A12418.00Horizontal27500 3/4
    SIS UK - CISCO 1Astra 4A12418.00Horizontal27500 3/4
    SIS UK WITH BTCAstra 4A12418.00Horizontal27500 3/4
    SIS VISION BTC AUDIO Ch11Astra 4A12418.00Horizontal27500 3/4
    SIS+ PVU1Astra 4A12149.00Horizontal27500 3/4
    SIS+ with BTC AudioAstra 4A12149.00Horizontal27500 3/4
    SjuanAstra 4A11804.00Horizontal27500 5/6Swe
    Sonce UkraineAstra 4A12284.00Vertical27500 3/4Ukr
    SonLife Broadcasting NetworkAstra 4A11881.00Horizontal27500 5/6English
    SonLife Broadcasting NetworkAstra 4A12379.60Horizontal27500 3/4English
    SPANISH - PVU2Astra 4A12149.00Horizontal27500 3/4
    STS BalticAstra 4A11900.00Vertical27500 3/4Russian
    SVT 2 HDAstra 4A12437.00Vertical27500 3/4Swe
    SVT 24Astra 4A11881.00Horizontal27500 5/6Swe
    SVT ABC-nyttAstra 4A11785.00Vertical27500 5/6Swe
    SVT HDAstra 4A12437.00Vertical27500 3/4
    SVT MittnyttAstra 4A11785.00Vertical27500 5/6Swe
    SVT NordyttAstra 4A11785.00Vertical27500 5/6Swe
    SVT ?stnyttAstra 4A11785.00Vertical27500 5/6Swe
    SVT Sm?landsnyttAstra 4A11785.00Vertical27500 5/6Swe
    SVT SydnyttAstra 4A11785.00Vertical27500 5/6Swe
    SVT Tv?rsnyttAstra 4A11785.00Vertical27500 5/6Swe
    SVT V?rmlandsnyttAstra 4A11785.00Vertical27500 5/6Swe
    SVT V?sterbottensnyttAstra 4A11785.00Vertical27500 5/6Swe
    SVT V?stnyttAstra 4A11785.00Vertical27500 5/6Swe
    SVT1Astra 4A11785.00Vertical27500 5/6Swe
    SVT1 DalarnaAstra 4A11785.00Vertical27500 5/6Swe
    SVT1 NorrbottenAstra 4A11785.00Vertical27500 5/6Swe
    SVT1 ?rebroAstra 4A11785.00Vertical27500 5/6Swe
    SVT1 ?stAstra 4A11785.00Vertical27500 5/6Swe
    SVT1 Sk?neAstra 4A11785.00Vertical27500 5/6Swe
    SVT1 Sm?landAstra 4A11785.00Vertical27500 5/6Swe
    SVT1 V?rmlandAstra 4A11785.00Vertical27500 5/6Swe
    SVT1 V?stAstra 4A11785.00Vertical27500 5/6Swe
    SVT1 V?sterbottenAstra 4A11785.00Vertical27500 5/6Swe
    SVT1 V?sternorrlandAstra 4A11785.00Vertical27500 5/6Swe
    SVT2 DalarnaAstra 4A11785.00Vertical27500 5/6Swe
    SVTBAstra 4A11881.00Horizontal27500 5/6Swe
    Tallinna TVAstra 4A11843.00Horizontal27500 3/4Est
    TCM Russia South Eastern EuAstra 4A12303.00Horizontal25547 7/8Russian
    Telekanal STBAstra 4A12188.00Horizontal30000 3/4Ukr
    TellyTrackAstra 4A11747.00Vertical30000 3/4English
    TerraAstra 4A12265.00Horizontal30000 3/4
    TerraAstra 4A12265.00Horizontal30000 3/4
    TEST CHANNEL - CISCO 1Astra 4A12418.00Horizontal27500 3/4
    TETAstra 4A11766.00Horizontal27500 3/4Ukr
    TETAstra 4A12188.00Horizontal30000 3/4Ukr
    Ticket 1Astra 4A11804.00Horizontal27500 5/6
    Time sharingAstra 4A11881.00Horizontal27500 5/6Danish
    Time sharingAstra 4A11977.00Vertical27500 5/6
    Time sharingAstra 4A11977.00Vertical27500 5/6
    Time sharingAstra 4A12608.00Horizontal27500 3/4Russian
    TLC BalkansAstra 4A12360.00Vertical27500 5/6
    TLC EuropeAstra 4A12360.00Vertical27500 5/6English
    TLC HungaryAstra 4A12360.00Vertical27500 5/6English
    TLC Pan Regional - PortuguesAstra 4A12360.00Vertical27500 5/6Portuguese
    TLC Poland HDAstra 4A12360.00Vertical27500 5/6Pol
    TonisAstra 4A12341.00Horizontal30000 3/4Ukr
    Travel ChannelAstra 4A12303.00Horizontal25547 7/8English
    TrofeyAstra 4A12265.00Horizontal30000 3/4
    TrofeyAstra 4A12265.00Horizontal30000 3/4
    TV 1 LithuaniaAstra 4A12245.00Vertical27500 3/4Lit
    TV 10 SwedenAstra 4A12054.00Vertical27500 3/4Swe
    TV 1000 Action EastAstra 4A11862.00Vertical27500 3/4Russian
    TV 1000 Action EastAstra 4A12608.00Horizontal27500 3/4Russian
    TV 1000 BalkanAstra 4A12637.00Horizontal14465 3/4English
    TV 1000 EastAstra 4A11900.00Vertical27500 3/4Russian
    TV 1000 EastAstra 4A12608.00Horizontal27500 3/4Russian
    TV 1000 PremiumAstra 4A11900.00Vertical27500 3/4Lav
    TV 1000 Russkoe KinoAstra 4A11823.00Vertical27500 5/6Russian
    TV 1000 Russkoe KinoAstra 4A12608.00Horizontal27500 3/4Russian
    TV 1000 Russkoe KinoAstra 4A12637.00Horizontal14465 3/4Russian
    TV 12 SwedenAstra 4A11938.00Vertical27500 5/6Swe
    TV 2 BornholmAstra 4A12476.00Vertical27500 5/6Danish
    TV 2 FriAstra 4A11727.48Horizontal27500 5/6Danish
    TV 2 FynAstra 4A12476.00Vertical27500 5/6Danish
    TV 2 HumorkanalenAstra 4A12437.00Vertical27500 3/4Nor
    TV 2 LorryAstra 4A12476.00Vertical27500 5/6Danish
    TV 2 Midt-VestAstra 4A12476.00Vertical27500 5/6Danish
    TV 2 NewsAstra 4A11727.48Horizontal27500 5/6Danish
    TV 2 NordAstra 4A12476.00Vertical27500 5/6Danish
    TV 2 NorgeAstra 4A11938.00Vertical27500 5/6
    TV 2 NyhetskanalenAstra 4A11938.00Vertical27500 5/6Nor
    TV 2 stAstra 4A12476.00Vertical27500 5/6Danish
    TV 2 stjyllandAstra 4A12476.00Vertical27500 5/6Danish
    TV 2 SportAstra 4A11727.48Horizontal27500 5/6Nor
    TV 2 SydAstra 4A12476.00Vertical27500 5/6Danish
    TV 2 ZuluAstra 4A11727.48Horizontal27500 5/6Danish
    TV 3 DanmarkAstra 4A12054.00Vertical27500 3/4Danish
    TV 3 EstoniaAstra 4A11958.00Horizontal27500 3/4Est
    TV 3 LatviaAstra 4A11958.00Horizontal27500 3/4Lat
    TV 3 LithuaniaAstra 4A11958.00Horizontal27500 3/4Lit
    TV 3 NorgeAstra 4A12054.00Vertical27500 3/4Nor
    TV 3 PulsAstra 4A11823.00Vertical27500 5/6Danish
    TV 3 Sport 1Astra 4A11727.48Horizontal27500 5/6Danish
    TV 3 Sport 2Astra 4A11727.48Horizontal27500 5/6Danish
    TV 3 SverigeAstra 4A12054.00Vertical27500 3/4Swe
    TV 4 FaktaAstra 4A11977.00Vertical27500 5/6Swe
    TV 4 FilmAstra 4A11804.00Horizontal27500 5/6Swe
    TV 4 SwedenAstra 4A11938.00Vertical27500 5/6Swe
    TV 6 EstoniaAstra 4A11958.00Horizontal27500 3/4Est
    TV 6 LatviaAstra 4A11958.00Horizontal27500 3/4Lat
    TV 6 LithuaniaAstra 4A11958.00Horizontal27500 3/4Lit
    TV 6 SwedenAstra 4A12054.00Vertical27500 3/4Swe
    TV 8 SwedenAstra 4A11823.00Vertical27500 5/6Swe
    TV Centr InternationalAstra 4A12379.60Horizontal27500 3/4Russian
    TV ChileAstra 4A11996.00Horizontal27500 3/4Spanish
    TV KievAstra 4A12265.00Horizontal30000 3/4Ukr
    TV NorgeAstra 4A11881.00Horizontal27500 5/6Nor
    TV2 CharlieAstra 4A11727.48Horizontal27500 5/6Danish
    TV3+ HDAstra 4A12437.00Vertical27500 3/4Danish
    TV4 Fakta XLAstra 4A11862.00Vertical27500 3/4
    TV4 GuldAstra 4A11881.00Horizontal27500 5/6Swe
    TV4 KomediAstra 4A12034.00Horizontal27500 5/6
    TV6 NorgeAstra 4A11977.00Vertical27500 5/6Nor
    TV8 LithuaniaAstra 4A11900.00Vertical27500 3/4Lit
    Ukraina TelekanalAstra 4A12073.00Horizontal27500 3/4Ukr
    Ukraina TelekanalAstra 4A12130.00Vertical27500 3/4Ukr
    Ukraina TelekanalAstra 4A12188.00Horizontal30000 3/4Ukr
    Unian TVAstra 4A11766.00Horizontal27500 3/4Ukr
    Universal HUNGARYAstra 4A12303.00Horizontal25547 7/8
    Universal HUNGARYAstra 4A12303.00Horizontal25547 7/8
    VBC TEMPAstra 4A12418.00Horizontal27500 3/4
    VH-1 Video Hits OneAstra 4A11881.00Horizontal27500 5/6Swe
    VH-1 Video Hits OneAstra 4A11900.00Vertical27500 3/4English
    VH-1 ClassicAstra 4A11977.00Vertical27500 5/6English
    Viasat 4Astra 4A11977.00Vertical27500 5/6Nor
    Viasat ExploreAstra 4A11823.00Vertical27500 5/6Swe
    Viasat ExploreAstra 4A12637.00Horizontal14465 3/4Russian
    Viasat FeedAstra 4A12608.00Horizontal27500 3/4Russian
    Viasat Film ActionAstra 4A12054.00Vertical27500 3/4Swe
    Viasat Film ComedyAstra 4A12034.00Horizontal27500 5/6Swe
    Viasat Film FamilyAstra 4A12054.00Vertical27500 3/4Swe
    Viasat Film HitsAstra 4A12034.00Horizontal27500 5/6Swe
    Viasat Film PremiereAstra 4A12054.00Vertical27500 3/4Swe
    Viasat Film Premiere HDAstra 4A12437.00Vertical27500 3/4Nor
    Viasat FotbollAstra 4A11862.00Vertical27500 3/4Nor
    Viasat GolfAstra 4A11727.48Horizontal27500 5/6Swe
    Viasat HistoryAstra 4A11804.00Horizontal27500 5/6Swe
    Viasat HistoryAstra 4A12637.00Horizontal14465 3/4Russian
    Viasat History HDAstra 4A12608.00Horizontal27500 3/4English
    Viasat HockeyAstra 4A11977.00Vertical27500 5/6Swe
    Viasat MotorAstra 4A11862.00Vertical27500 3/4Swe
    Viasat Nature ActionAstra 4A11977.00Vertical27500 5/6Swe
    Viasat Nature CEEAstra 4A11804.00Horizontal27500 5/6Russian
    Viasat Nature CEEAstra 4A12608.00Horizontal27500 3/4Russian
    Viasat Nature HDAstra 4A12608.00Horizontal27500 3/4English
    Viasat SeriesAstra 4A12034.00Horizontal27500 5/6Swe
    Viasat Sport BalticAstra 4A11804.00Horizontal27500 5/6Est
    Viasat Sport PremiumAstra 4A11977.00Vertical27500 5/6
    Viasat Sport SverigeAstra 4A11977.00Vertical27500 5/6Swe
    Viasat UrheiluAstra 4A12437.00Vertical27500 3/4Fin
    VintageAstra 4A12284.00Vertical27500 3/4Russian
    VintageAstra 4A12341.00Horizontal30000 3/4Ukr
    Vision SverigeAstra 4A11996.00Horizontal27500 3/4Swe
    Visjon NorgeAstra 4A11996.00Horizontal27500 3/4Nor
    VOXAstra 4A12437.00Vertical27500 3/4
    WILLIAM HILL IP CLEAR - CISCAstra 4A12418.00Horizontal27500 3/4
    WILLIAM HILL SIS DATA - CISCAstra 4A12418.00Horizontal27500 3/4
    XSportAstra 4A12130.00Vertical27500 3/4Ukr
    XSportAstra 4A12341.00Horizontal30000 3/4Ukr
    Zik UkraineAstra 4A12073.00Horizontal27500 3/4Ukr
    Zik HDAstra 4A11747.00Vertical30000 3/4
    Zoom UkraineAstra 4A12188.00Horizontal30000 3/4Ukr
    Zoom UkraineAstra 4A12399.00Vertical27500 3/4Ukr