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Eutelsat 7 West A (7W)- NILESAT

  • - AD Nat Geo HD is back on freq :12467
  • - YAS Sports HD is back on freq :12467
  • - Abu Dhabi Sports 2 HD has left freq :12467
  • - Abu Dhabi Sports HD has left freq :12467
  • - AD Drama + HD has left freq :12467
  • - Majid Kids HD has left freq :12467
  • - AD Al Emarat HD has left freq :12467
  • - Abu Dhabi TV HD is back on freq :12467

(New 2019) Astra 3B 23.5 East all Channels frequency

List of  Astra 3B Channels Frequencies :

Astra Sat 23.5° East Broadcast to Europe North Africa Countries 

Frequency of Astra sat Channels

Channel NameSatelliteFrequencyPolaritySymbol-RLanguage
1+1Astra 3B11817.00Vertical27500 3/4Ukr
1+1 InternationalAstra 3B11817.00Vertical27500 3/4Ukrainian
192TVAstra 3B11739.00Vertical29900 2/3Ned
2+2Astra 3B11817.00Vertical27500 3/4Ukr
24 KitchenAstra 3B12187.50Horizontal29900 2/3Ned
6h-0h CETAstra 3B11914.50Horizontal29900 2/3
6h-0h CETAstra 3B11914.50Horizontal29900 2/3
6h-1h CETAstra 3B12363.00Vertical29500 3/4
Acas? TVAstra 3B12517.00Vertical16871 3/4Rom
Acasa TV GoldAstra 3B12517.00Vertical16871 3/4Rom
AMC Eastern EuropeAstra 3B11797.50Horizontal29500 3/4Cze
Animal PlanetAstra 3B12109.50Horizontal27500 3/4Ned
Animal Planet BeneluxAstra 3B12109.50Horizontal27500 3/4Cze
Arena Sport SlovakiaAstra 3B12109.50Horizontal27500 3/4Slk
AT5Astra 3B12187.50Horizontal29900 2/3Ned
AutoMotorSport HDAstra 3B12031.50Horizontal27501German
AXN CzechAstra 3B12090.00Vertical29900 2/3Cze
Barrandov Plus HDAstra 3B12363.00Vertical29500 3/4Cze
Bigudi TVAstra 3B11817.00Vertical27500 3/4Ukr
BoomerangAstra 3B11739.00Vertical29900 2/3Ned
Boomerang CZAstra 3B11739.00Vertical29900 2/3
Brava HDTVAstra 3B12090.00Vertical29900 2/3English
BundespresseamtAstra 3B11934.00Vertical27500 3/4German
BundespressekonferenzAstra 3B11934.00Vertical27500 3/4German
BundesratAstra 3B11934.00Vertical27500 3/4German
Canal Digitaal InfokanalAstra 3B11739.00Vertical29900 2/3Ned
Canvas HDAstra 3B12187.50Horizontal29900 2/3Ned
Cartoon NetworkAstra 3B12129.00Vertical29900 2/3English
CazAstra 3B12129.00Vertical29900 2/3Ned
Ceskoslovensko HDAstra 3B12109.50Horizontal27500 3/4Cze
Chamber TVAstra 3B12168.00Vertical27500 3/4Lux
CineMaxAstra 3B12090.00Vertical29900 2/3Cze
Crime Investigation NetworkAstra 3B12109.50Horizontal27500 3/4Ned
Crime and Invest. CZAstra 3B12109.50Horizontal27500 3/4Cze
CS FilmAstra 3B11934.00Vertical27500 3/4Cze
CS MiniAstra 3B11934.00Vertical27500 3/4Cze
CT :D/art HDAstra 3B12344.50Horizontal29900 2/3Cze
CT 1Astra 3B12363.00Vertical29500 3/4Cze
CT 1 HDAstra 3B12344.50Horizontal29900 2/3Cze
CT 1 JM HDAstra 3B12344.50Horizontal29900 2/3Cze
CT 1 SM HDAstra 3B12344.50Horizontal29900 2/3Cze
CT 2Astra 3B12363.00Vertical29500 3/4Cze
CT 2 HDAstra 3B12344.50Horizontal29900 2/3Cze
CT 24 HDAstra 3B12344.50Horizontal29900 2/3Cze
CT Sport HDAstra 3B12344.50Horizontal29900 2/3Cze
Dajto HDAstra 3B11875.50Horizontal29900 3/4Slk
DaytimeAstra 3B12187.50Horizontal29900 2/3
Discovery Channel Eastern EuAstra 3B11797.50Horizontal29500 3/4Cze
Discovery Channel NederlandAstra 3B11739.00Vertical29900 2/3Ned
Discovery HD ShowcaseAstra 3B12109.50Horizontal27500 3/4Ned
Discovery Showcase HD CZAstra 3B12109.50Horizontal27500 3/4Cze
Disney Channel BeneluxAstra 3B11739.00Vertical29900 2/3Ned
Disney Channel Hungary CzecAstra 3B11797.50Horizontal29500 3/4Cze
Disney XD Netherlands HDAstra 3B12187.50Horizontal29900 2/3Ned
DocuBOX HDAstra 3B11934.00Vertical27500 3/4Bulgarian
Doma HDAstra 3B12109.50Horizontal27500 3/4Slk
Duck TVAstra 3B11797.50Horizontal29500 3/4Slk
duck TV DUTAstra 3B11797.50Horizontal29500 3/4Slk
Dvojka HDAstra 3B12363.00Vertical29500 3/4Slk
E Eastern EuropeAstra 3B11797.50Horizontal29500 3/4Cze
E Entertainment CZAstra 3B11797.50Horizontal29500 3/4Cze
EdgeAstra 3B11739.00Vertical29900 2/3English
EDGE CZAstra 3B11739.00Vertical29900 2/3English
??n HDAstra 3B12187.50Horizontal29900 2/3Ned
eSportsTV HDAstra 3B11973.00Vertical29900 2/3English
Eurosport 1 HDAstra 3B12109.50Horizontal27500 3/4Cze
Eurosport 1 HD BEAstra 3B12109.50Horizontal27500 3/4Ned
Eurosport 2 BelgiumAstra 3B12187.50Horizontal29900 2/3Ned
Eurosport 2 HDAstra 3B12109.50Horizontal27500 3/4Cze
Eurosport 2 NetherlandsAstra 3B11856.00Vertical29900 2/3Ned
Eurosport HD NederlandAstra 3B12129.00Vertical29900 2/3Ned
EvenaarAstra 3B11739.00Vertical29900 2/3Ned
Festival HDAstra 3B12109.50Horizontal27500 3/4Cze
FightBOX HDAstra 3B11934.00Vertical27500 3/4English
Film + Czechia SlovakiaAstra 3B11797.50Horizontal29500 3/4Cze
Film Europe HDAstra 3B12109.50Horizontal27500 3/4Mul
Film1 ActionAstra 3B12129.00Vertical29900 2/3Ned
Film1 Comedy KidsAstra 3B12129.00Vertical29900 2/3Ned
Film1 Premiere HDAstra 3B12129.00Vertical29900 2/3Ned
Film1 SundanceAstra 3B12129.00Vertical29900 2/3Ned
FilmBoxAstra 3B11934.00Vertical27500 3/4Cze
Filmbox Extra HD HungaryAstra 3B11797.50Horizontal29500 3/4Cze
Filmbox FamilyAstra 3B11797.50Horizontal29500 3/4Cze
Filmbox PlusAstra 3B11797.50Horizontal29500 3/4Cze
Filmbox PremiumAstra 3B11797.50Horizontal29500 3/4Cze
Fine Living CZ.Astra 3B11914.50Horizontal29900 2/3Cze
Fine Living HDAstra 3B11914.50Horizontal29900 2/3English
Fine Living HD CZAstra 3B11914.50Horizontal29900 2/3English
Fine Living NetworkAstra 3B11914.50Horizontal29900 2/3English
Fishing HuntingAstra 3B12090.00Vertical29900 2/3Cze
Food NetworkAstra 3B11914.50Horizontal29900 2/3English
Food Network CZAstra 3B11914.50Horizontal29900 2/3English
Food Network HDAstra 3B11914.50Horizontal29900 2/3English
Fox Channel NetherlandsAstra 3B11739.00Vertical29900 2/3Ned
Fox Sports 2 HDAstra 3B12187.50Horizontal29900 2/3Ned
Fox Sports Eredivisie 1 HDAstra 3B11739.00Vertical29900 2/3Ned
Fox Sports Eredivisie 3Astra 3B12129.00Vertical29900 2/3Ned
German Tote TVAstra 3B11934.00Vertical27500 3/4German
HBO 2 Central EuropeAstra 3B12090.00Vertical29900 2/3Cze
HBO 3 Central EuropeAstra 3B12090.00Vertical29900 2/3Cze
HBO HD CzechAstra 3B12090.00Vertical29900 2/3Cze
History Channel HD NordicAstra 3B12109.50Horizontal27500 3/4Cze
History HD DUTAstra 3B12109.50Horizontal27500 3/4English
Horor FilmAstra 3B11934.00Vertical27500 3/4Cze
iConcertAstra 3B12090.00Vertical29900 2/3English
Investigation Discovery EuroAstra 3B11739.00Vertical29900 2/3Ned
JJAstra 3B12168.00Vertical27500 3/4Slk
JJ HDAstra 3B11875.50Horizontal29900 3/4Slk
JJ PLUS HDAstra 3B11875.50Horizontal29900 3/4Slk
Jednotka HDAstra 3B12363.00Vertical29500 3/4Slk
Jim Jam NederlandAstra 3B12109.50Horizontal27500 3/4Cze
JimJamAstra 3B12109.50Horizontal27500 3/4English
JOJ Cinema +1 HDAstra 3B12344.50Horizontal29900 2/3Cze
JOJ Cinema HDAstra 3B12070.50Horizontal27500 3/4Cze
JOJ Family HDAstra 3B11973.00Vertical29900 2/3Cze
KadetAstra 3B12129.00Vertical29900 2/3Ned
Kanaal ZAstra 3B12129.00Vertical29900 2/3Ned
Ketop12Astra 3B12129.00Vertical29900 2/3Ned
Kino Barrandov HDAstra 3B12363.00Vertical29500 3/4Cze
KinoSvetAstra 3B11797.50Horizontal29500 3/4Cze
Kvartal TVAstra 3B11817.00Vertical27500 3/4Ukr
Leo TVAstra 3B11973.00Vertical29900 2/3Cze
Leo TV DUTAstra 3B11973.00Vertical29900 2/3Ned
Markiza HDAstra 3B12109.50Horizontal27500 3/4Slk
Markiza InternationalAstra 3B11973.00Vertical29900 2/3Slk
Minimax CzechiaAstra 3B11973.00Vertical29900 2/3Cze
Mnam TVAstra 3B11797.50Horizontal29500 3/4Cze
M?AU TVAstra 3B12090.00Vertical29900 2/3Cze
MTV CzechiaAstra 3B12090.00Vertical29900 2/3Cze
MTV RomaniaAstra 3B12517.00Vertical16871 3/4Rom
Music Box UkrainaAstra 3B11817.00Vertical27500 3/4Ukr
Nat Geo HD CZAstra 3B12090.00Vertical29900 2/3Cze
Nat Geo Wild HD CZAstra 3B12090.00Vertical29900 2/3English
Nat Geo Wild HD DUTAstra 3B12090.00Vertical29900 2/3English
NatGeo Wild HDAstra 3B12090.00Vertical29900 2/3English
National Geographic EuropeAstra 3B12109.50Horizontal27500 3/4Cze
National Geographic HD EastAstra 3B12090.00Vertical29900 2/3Cze
National Geographic HD UKAstra 3B12129.00Vertical29900 2/3Ned
Nautical HDAstra 3B11797.50Horizontal29500 3/4French
Net 5 HDAstra 3B12187.50Horizontal29900 2/3Ned
Nickelodeon CzechAstra 3B11797.50Horizontal29500 3/4Cze
NightsAstra 3B11934.00Vertical27500 3/4English
NightsAstra 3B12187.50Horizontal29900 2/3
Noe TVAstra 3B12363.00Vertical29500 3/4Cze
Nordliicht TVAstra 3B12168.00Vertical27500 3/4Lux
Nova 2Astra 3B11973.00Vertical29900 2/3Cze
Nova Action HDAstra 3B11875.50Horizontal29900 3/4Cze
Nova Cinema HDAstra 3B11875.50Horizontal29900 3/4Cze
Nova GoldAstra 3B11973.00Vertical29900 2/3Cze
Nova HDAstra 3B11875.50Horizontal29900 3/4Cze
Nova InternationalAstra 3B11875.50Horizontal29900 3/4Cze
Nova Sport 2 HDAstra 3B11973.00Vertical29900 2/3Cze
Nova Sport HDAstra 3B11875.50Horizontal29900 3/4Cze
Novinka 8Astra 3B12070.50Horizontal27500 3/4
NPO 1 HDAstra 3B12187.50Horizontal29900 2/3Ned
NPO 2 HDAstra 3B11739.00Vertical29900 2/3Ned
NPO 3 HDAstra 3B12187.50Horizontal29900 2/3Ned
NPO BestAstra 3B11739.00Vertical29900 2/3Ned
NPO PolitiekAstra 3B11739.00Vertical29900 2/3Ned
NPO Zapp XtraAstra 3B11739.00Vertical29900 2/3Ned
?ckoAstra 3B12168.00Vertical27500 3/4Cze
Omroep Brabant TelevisieAstra 3B11914.50Horizontal29900 2/3Ned
Omroep Zeeland TelevisieAstra 3B11914.50Horizontal29900 2/3Ned
Omrop Frysl?nAstra 3B11914.50Horizontal29900 2/3Ned
ONSAstra 3B11739.00Vertical29900 2/3Ned
ONSAstra 3B12129.00Vertical29900 2/3Ned
Outdoor Channel EMEA HDAstra 3B11914.50Horizontal29900 2/3English
Outdoor Channel HD CZAstra 3B11914.50Horizontal29900 2/3English
ParlamentsfernsehenAstra 3B11934.00Vertical27500 3/4German
PenthouseAstra 3B12129.00Vertical29900 2/3English
Penthouse 1 HD CZAstra 3B11973.00Vertical29900 2/3Cze
Penthouse 2 HD CZAstra 3B11973.00Vertical29900 2/3Cze
Penthouse CZAstra 3B12129.00Vertical29900 2/3English
PlusPlusAstra 3B11817.00Vertical27500 3/4Ukr
Prima +1 HDAstra 3B12070.50Horizontal27500 3/4Cze
Prima Comedy CentralAstra 3B11934.00Vertical27500 3/4Cze
Prima COOL HDAstra 3B11875.50Horizontal29900 3/4Cze
Prima LoveAstra 3B11934.00Vertical27500 3/4Cze
Prima Max HDAstra 3B11934.00Vertical27500 3/4Cze
Prima Plus HDAstra 3B12344.50Horizontal29900 2/3Cze
Prima Televize HDAstra 3B11875.50Horizontal29900 3/4Cze
Prima Zoom HDAstra 3B11934.00Vertical27500 3/4Cze
Pro CinemaAstra 3B12517.00Vertical16871 3/4Rom
Pro TVAstra 3B12517.00Vertical16871 3/4Rom
Pro TV InternationalAstra 3B12517.00Vertical16871 3/4Rom
Q2 HDAstra 3B11856.00Vertical29900 2/3Ned
Reality Kings CZAstra 3B11856.00Vertical29900 2/3Cze
Regionalni TVAstra 3B12090.00Vertical29900 2/3Cze
Retro Music TelevisionAstra 3B11797.50Horizontal29500 3/4Cze
RiKAstra 3B11875.50Horizontal29900 3/4Slk
Ring HDAstra 3B12363.00Vertical29500 3/4Slk
RTL 4 HDAstra 3B11856.00Vertical29900 2/3Ned
RTL 5 HDAstra 3B11856.00Vertical29900 2/3Ned
RTL 7 HDAstra 3B11856.00Vertical29900 2/3Ned
RTL 8 HDAstra 3B11856.00Vertical29900 2/3Ned
RTL LoungeAstra 3B11856.00Vertical29900 2/3Ned
RTL Tele LetzebuergAstra 3B12168.00Vertical27500 3/4Luxfra
RTL ZAstra 3B11856.00Vertical29900 2/3Ned
SBS 6 HDAstra 3B11739.00Vertical29900 2/3Ned
SBS 9Astra 3B12129.00Vertical29900 2/3Ned
SES UHD DemoAstra 3B11778.00Vertical27500 2/3German
SES UHD DemoAstra 3B11778.00Vertical27500 2/3
Skylink OchutnavkaAstra 3B12344.50Horizontal29900 2/3Cze
Slagr TVAstra 3B12363.00Vertical29500 3/4Cze
Spektrum HDAstra 3B12090.00Vertical29900 2/3Cze
Sport 1 HD CzechAstra 3B12070.50Horizontal27500 3/4Cze
Sport 2 HD CzechiaAstra 3B11797.50Horizontal29500 3/4Cze
Sport 5Astra 3B11797.50Horizontal29500 3/4Cze
Sport.roAstra 3B12517.00Vertical16871 3/4Rom
Stingray iConcerts CZAstra 3B12090.00Vertical29900 2/3English
Sundays 13h-14h CETAstra 3B12168.00Vertical27500 3/4
TA3 HDAstra 3B12363.00Vertical29500 3/4Slk
Teleippica 1Astra 3B12168.00Vertical27500 3/4
TestAstra 3B11797.50Horizontal29500 3/4Cze
TestAstra 3B12187.50Horizontal29900 2/3Ned
Test 3Astra 3B11739.00Vertical29900 2/3Ned
TETAstra 3B11817.00Vertical27500 3/4Ukr
The Food Network EMEA HDAstra 3B11914.50Horizontal29900 2/3English
The Golf ChannelAstra 3B11797.50Horizontal29500 3/4Cze
The Q YouAstra 3B11739.00Vertical29900 2/3English
the QYOU CZAstra 3B11739.00Vertical29900 2/3English
Time sharingAstra 3B11739.00Vertical29900 2/3
Time sharingAstra 3B11739.00Vertical29900 2/3
TLC NetherlandsAstra 3B12129.00Vertical29900 2/3Ned
Travel Channel HDAstra 3B11914.50Horizontal29900 2/3English
Travel Channel HD CZAstra 3B11914.50Horizontal29900 2/3Cze
Travel Channel HD NLAstra 3B11914.50Horizontal29900 2/3English
TV Barrandov HDAstra 3B12363.00Vertical29500 3/4Cze
TV DrentheAstra 3B11914.50Horizontal29900 2/3Ned
TV GelderlandAstra 3B11914.50Horizontal29900 2/3Ned
TV JOJ +1 HDAstra 3B12070.50Horizontal27500 3/4Slk
TV LimburgAstra 3B11856.00Vertical29900 2/3Ned
TV LuxAstra 3B12168.00Vertical27500 3/4Slk
TV NoordAstra 3B11914.50Horizontal29900 2/3Ned
TV OostAstra 3B11914.50Horizontal29900 2/3Ned
TV OranjeAstra 3B12090.00Vertical29900 2/3Ned
TV PaprikaAstra 3B11797.50Horizontal29500 3/4Cze
TV RebelAstra 3B11797.50Horizontal29500 3/4Cze
TV RelaxAstra 3B11797.50Horizontal29500 3/4Cze
TV8 HD SlovakiaAstra 3B12363.00Vertical29500 3/4Slk
TVV InfokanaalAstra 3B11739.00Vertical29900 2/3Ned
Unian TVAstra 3B11817.00Vertical27500 3/4Ukr
Unire Sat HDAstra 3B12168.00Vertical27500 3/4Italian
Unitel Classica HDAstra 3B12031.50Horizontal27501German
Veronica HDAstra 3B12187.50Horizontal29900 2/3Ned
Viasat ExploreAstra 3B11934.00Vertical27500 3/4Cze
Viasat HD CzechAstra 3B11797.50Horizontal29500 3/4Cze
Viasat HistoryAstra 3B11934.00Vertical27500 3/4Cze
Viasat Nature CEEAstra 3B11934.00Vertical27500 3/4Cze
Vier HDAstra 3B11856.00Vertical29900 2/3Ned
VIJF TVAstra 3B12129.00Vertical29900 2/3Ned
VitayaAstra 3B12129.00Vertical29900 2/3Ned
VTM HDAstra 3B11856.00Vertical29900 2/3Ned
VTM KzoomAstra 3B12129.00Vertical29900 2/3Ned
Wau HDAstra 3B11973.00Vertical29900 2/3Slk
ZesAstra 3B11856.00Vertical29900 2/3Ned
Ziggo Sport 1 Select HDAstra 3B12129.00Vertical29900 2/3Ned
Ziggo Sport 1 VoetbalAstra 3B12129.00Vertical29900 2/3Ned
Ziggo Sport1 GolfAstra 3B12129.00Vertical29900 2/3Ned